Never pull out the wrong plug again!
Labels for all of your appliance plugs around the home office
or workshop pre embossed for your convenience in sets of 10 flags.
Anyone who has ever pulled out the wrong plug or had difficulty identifying a cable will celebrate the arrival of kableflags Kableflags are a simple device designed to ensure that you never pull out the wrong plug or switch off the wrong appliance again. They are suited to every part of the house, office, or virtually anyplace where power cords are used. In today’s modern age we are faced with power boards in almost every environment packed completely full with plugs and whether you have accidentally unplugged the computer and lost valuable data or had to reset the DVD or VCR after unplugging it by mistake, Kableflags are here to help. Kableflags are soft and flexible and take only seconds to attach. They are embossed with the names of most appliances in convenient prelabelled sets of 10 customised for any environment. There is even a DIY write on blank pack to ensure that all of your plugs and cables are flagged In every space Kableflags will ensure that you never pull out the wrong plug again.
The simplest way to label any cable
Kableflags offer you the simplest and most effective way to label and clearly identify almost any cable with the freedom and flexibility you need.
Kableflags are simple to attach by simply threading the flag end through the key hol
lock and pulling to tighten.
The anti glide ribbing system will prevent the flag from slipping down the cable.
Identify your appliances and cables with ease

Avoid the hassle of resetting clocks
Tidy up unsightly power boards

Identify your pc connections
Troubleshoot with confidence

Create a spare power point with ease

Switch off and save energy costs

Create a safer work environment

Protect your data from accidental power loss
Kableflags are versatile and suited to a wide range
of cable intensive environments such as

Computer Systems Hardware and Peripherals

Electrical Installations
Home Theatre Systems

Telecommunication Systems
Office Technology

Home Appliances

Music Systems and Sound Recording studioss

Hospital and Medical Facilities

Educational facilities
The simplicity of Kableflags is certain to please almost anybody who is fed up with using alternative makeshift cable identification methods.
Technical Information
Length 74.5mm
Width 10.6mm
Thickness 2.0mm
Tensile 13 N/mm
Tear Strength 25N/mm
Resellers and Distributors

Kableflags offer Distributors and Dealers an opportunity to sell a unique and simple to use product
with broad appeal and massive market potential.

Some of the Features and Benefits of our extensive range include:

Bright and Colourful Packaging for Consumer Appeal and Logistical Control
Simple to Use
Wide Range of Application for Product
Price Point for all Demographics through extensive Range
New and Unique Product
Large Opportunities as a Value Adding product
Commercial Applications for many industries
Global patents pending